“We believe in the growing potential in Tech startups and focus on the MENA region.”

Investment Approach

The Glint consulting-based approach to investment is simultaneously ambitious and pragmatic.

We add value by providing consultation and business support and complement them with capital investments that make for a comprehensive investment methodology. We capitalize on our consultancy practice and decades of experience to provide integrated, consulting-based investments that aid our portfolio companies in realizing their objectives, earning more market share and prospering financially. This integrated approach that we utilize in our investments is what sets Glint Consulting apart from traditional, pure financial investors. It is an approach to investment that achieves business growth, expansion or turnaround in ways that are actionable, foreseen and attainable.

With our investors, we go beyond the traditional by giving them the option to choose where they invest from within the range of our portfolio companies on a case by case basis. As a result of not following the conventional investment methodologies, our investors are able to tailor the financing deal allowing them to take higher risks and benefit higher returns. This flexibility in selection benefits both; the investor and the portfolio company in unprecedented ways.

At Glint, we focus our investments on Tech companies with special interest in FinTech and the exponentially growing opportunities they provide by introducing creative digital solutions that provision financial services in new and innovative ways. Even though FinTech companies are already securely disrupting current business models and reshaping the financial services world as we know it, we believe they remain underserved and worthy of far more attention, investment and advisory efforts. The Economist states that, in 2014 alone, FinTech companies attracted $12 billion of investment in the US, up from $4 billion the year before. The MENA region exhibits equally ambitious opportunities as these startups continue to improve the quality of financial services at large.

Investment Strategy

What we look for

Our investment strategy focuses on Tech startups in the MENA region with emphasis on Egypt and the Gulf. Such companies exhibit potential with their solutions, thus showing true promise for growth or consummate turnaround through our financial and consulting support. We create win-win business formulas through which the investor and the investee thrive impartially.

Tech startups and especially FinTech startups that seek medium-term investments are among the most common of our partners. We also invest in already established companies that seek to expand their current traditional business and tap into the digital world with innovative tech solutions to serve their customers. With ticket sizes that vary from USD 50K to USD 1M, the opportunities available are truly endless.

Our consulting and business support services are brought forth by different ways including obtaining a suitable number of seats on the company’s board of directors, from where we can provide and implement our advisory, managerial and strategic support.

According to our studies, the investment strategy we utilize foresees the rendering of ROI that vary between 30% to 100% depending mainly on the entry stage and lifetime of the investment at hand. We also incorporate a clear and time-bound exit plan in all our investment endeavors.

What we provide

First and foremost, we help our portfolio companies by providing them with our consulting and business support services.

We also help them secure the capital they need to thrive through our network of institutional and individual investors.
Our hands-on operational and managerial experience in restructuring, turnaround and product / service innovation helps us direct the attention of our investment portfolio companies to what really matters and accelerate their growth goals.

And it doesn’t stop there. Glint Consulting additionally supports investment portfolio companies with access to a vast network of professionals, trustworthy relationships, resources and highly experienced calibers that can execute the most ambitious of plans.