Management Consulting

“We aim at changing
the game for our clients as well as closing the strategy-execution gap.”

Management Consulting

The Management Consulting and advisory services we provide at Glint  aim to deliver strategic thinking and advice on the best ways to enhance your business effectiveness. In addition to our in-house expertise,  we are empowered by a large pool of affiliated independent experts and consultants which allows us to choose the right talents and create the best teams for each engagement. Our offerings fall under 3 main groups that aid our clients in obtaining differentiating capabilities that set them apart from competition. 

Business Strategy & Planning

At Glint Consulting, we review the overall business environment, analyze the current strategy of our clients and help them develop a new strategy that is based on the company’s capabilities, local market developments and international industry trends. For our startups clients, our Business Strategy services help them determine the right long-term strategy to utilize, as well as the go-to market and launch plan they need to achieve the best returns for their shareholders.

Strategy formulation is not all we offer. We also define the right short- and long-term initiatives needed by our clients to implement their strategies. By building credible business plans with clear metric definition and milestones and by ensuring the full alignment between the operations on the ground and the business strategy, our clients can drive their organizations towards the growth they aspire for.

Merger and acquisition support is among the services we provide. We support our clients through these ventures in determining the right valuation method, define synergies and values, and ensure a smooth transition process. We carry out thorough business and technical due diligence activities and provide comprehensive study reports that determine the material facts of the company and its estimated worth.

Operational Efficiency, Growth Acceleration & Turnaround

Aligning operations with the business strategy is what our performance management and business process optimizations services achieve to our clients through connecting the dots between planning, business processes and performance management. We further endorse our clients’ businesses by evaluating new opportunities in their home market as well as potential regional expansion opportunities and preparing the corresponding business cases that facilitate their growth and ensure value addition.

At Glint Consulting, we work with our clients to develop the best technical, marketing and sales plans through our product innovation consultancy services in order to help our clients acquire and sustain competitive advantage and create more value to their shareholders.

Digital & Technology Strategy

As digitalization moves from being an innovation strategy to being a core competency, clients need to reimagine and capture new digital opportunities. Digitization creates new business models that disrupt the traditional conventional ones, unleashing new potentials and possibilities. One of the key signs of the significance of the digital revolution is the rise of the Chief Digital Officer – CDO. According to a study by Strategy&, while only 6% of companies globally have hired a CDO, the remaining 94% remain relying on the company’s c-suite and subject matter experts.

At Glint Consulting, we help our clients build advantage through harnessing the power of online and mobile interactions. We assess their current digital positioning, help them create capability and accelerate growth through developing new customer experiences and new channels to deliver their products and services.

According to Gartner 2016 CIO Survey, “In the next five years, CIOs expect digital revenues to grow from 16% to 37%. Similarly, public-sector CIOs predict a rise from 42% to 77% in digital processes.” Accordingly, one of CIOs top priorities is building their business digital platform. Mobile, cloud, IoT, E-Commerce, telecom infrastructure are all instrumental in the digital and technology transformation strategy to both governments and enterprises. At Glint we also make use of our expertise to advise government bodies, policy makers and regulators on best practices in the digital business and technology field. Enhancing employee experience, cost optimization and workplace efficiency remain key components of a company’s digital & technology strategy and serve as the enablers for the transformation.